When I build a website I am often asked whether a new logo design is part of the website design process. It's a great question, as a website developer is not always a graphic designer too but as it happens... 

I also hold a British degree in Graphic Design and have created lots of professional logos, style-guides and implemented massive rebranding exercises.

If your company already exists then the chances are you already have a logo. But perhaps you are a start-up, looking to get a cool new online presence. Not only do you need a website but you are going to need a brand or at the very least a logo.

I recommend to all my clients (in need of branding or rebranding), that before we start a website 'let's create the logo first'. Because the logo will be at the heart of the new brand. The colors and typefaces we use in the logo will directly influence the website's design (we could use the same fonts and colors, for example).

A good logo can have 100’s of versions!

A professional logo should be rendered in Vector format, work well in reverse, landscape, portrait, small, large, color, black and white and so on... There are also various file versions available; PNG, SVG, Jpeg, TIFF and at varying resolutions (72 DPI for Web - 300 DPI for print), and of course the color formats (RGB web/CMYK print etc).

Take a look at the example above & below - this was a complete website redesign and logo revamp. I recreated the logo in Vector (so it will look sharp on all media), then took the typeface and ran it throughout the website - even celebrating the two different font weights in the logo across the page titles. Note we used the landscape version of the logo on the website. Epic Stoneworks are based in Cutler Bay - visit the website here.

I can certainly take on a branding project in partnership with a website design project, this is really ideal for creating a coherent brand across all your digital AND print media. Speaking of print - I worked in print as a Graphic Designer for well over 10 years. So I do have significant experience designing marketing collateral including; business cards, brochures, flyers, letterheads, banners and so on.

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