Compared to some of the other major social media platforms, launching marketing campaigns on Twitter is relatively inexpensive in terms of cost and effort versus return. The key to using Twitter effectively to generate qualified leads and increase conversion rates is to choose your marketing options carefully.

"Twitter is relatively inexpensive in terms of cost and effort versus return"

While most "how to on Twitter" marketing suggestions often fall back on using Twitter's lead generation cards to drum up interest in your company or brand, it is time to broaden your marketing horizons and go beyond that basic step. Lead generation cards are definitely useful when utilized effectively on Twitter, but the social media platform offers so much more in terms of crafting a successful lead generation campaign. The five tips here provide you with ideas and ways to enrich your Twitter marketing and lead generation efforts and significantly boost your company's visibility, traffic, and profitability.

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1. Use an extremely refined list of recipients for your marketing content. 

One of the most beneficial options on Twitter is the ability to create an extremely defined recipient pool. The platform lets you select basic options such as gender, location, and language, but Twitter also goes far beyond the superficial demographics. There are over half a dozen other "audience features" that include followers, interests, behaviors, and keywords. You can even use the "tailored audiences" option and really boost your lead generation and conversion rates by directing your marketing messages toward an audience that is already familiar with and engaged in your brand. 

2. Avoid using hashtags in your lead generation messages. 

Some experts recommend creating a few unique hashtags for your business, brand, products, or services, and then using those hashtags in your marketing messages. This is primarily for the sake of visibility for your individual hashtag and to enable hashtag-specific search results that highlight your tweets. Rather than doing so with your lead-focused messages, leave the hashtags out. If you include any links at all, choose a single CTA that directs the user to online content that moves them along in your sales funnel. 

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3. Choose the timing of your tweets with your audience in mind. 

On Twitter, timing is not necessarily "everything" but it is an important aspect of content visibility. User feeds can move information quickly, which means there may be quite a bit of data passing by unnoticed. Just because your marketing team is at their computers and ready to unleash a barrage of marketing content does not mean your users will likewise be browsing their Twitter feeds at the same time. Part of defining your target audience includes knowing when they will most likely be engaged in social media activity and publishing your marketing content during those times when it is most likely to be seen and acted upon. 

4. Provide your audience with something valuable - for free. 

A great way to attract attention to your company on Twitter (or any social media platform) is by offering your target audience something that holds value to them in some way. This is most often done through email newsletter subscriptions or downloadable content (white papers, tutorials, and eBooks), and can provide you with a pool of engaged leads via the newsletter or download sign-up process. In addition to generating leads for your business, giveaways and free downloads also give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or authority in a particular area, such as your market or niche, which helps you establish yourself as a trusted go-to source for users and consumers. 

In addition to generating leads for your business, giveaways and free downloads also give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or authority in a particular area

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5. Monitor the performance of your marketing messages on Twitter to determine which material is generating the most clicks, links, shares, leads, and conversions. 

Paying attention to performance metrics is always essential to any advertising campaign, but much more so on Twitter, where messages can easily get lost in the constant shuffle of information. You will want to know what content is performing best, what might perform better with a few modifications, and what is not performing at all so it can be removed or entirely reconfigured. There are options available on Twitter that allow you to monitor your marketing material. There is also a variety of programs and applications that will give you a wide range of analytic measurement options and results (Hootsuite is a great example). 

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 Whether your company wants to invest small and focus locally or initiate a big budget, geographically unlimited marketing campaign on Twitter, these tips will help point you in a successful and effective direction. Keep a close eye on the performance of your efforts, make adjustments when needed, and make sure the focus of your content stays on the wants and needs of your target audience. 

You have fantastic opportunities for growth and profit at your fingertips, so start making Twitter work for you.