Sorry, a quick rant - In the 20 odd years I've been working in this space called the ‘creative industry’, one thing I can say for sure - I have never, ever had a moment of inspiration. There I said it.

I listen with envious ears when I hear those stories, stories that go like this… “OMG once I had the most amazing dream - colors were just so vivid - when I woke up, I ran to my computer and created this amazing color palette that went on to be the award-winning branding!!”

Here’s a thing, and people often ask me - “what inspires you’. I am a creative person, so I must get inspired right? Well, no I don't. I wish I did. But I don’t. 

Inspiration seems to me a small seed, a creative spark, from there on in, it’s graft, not a resolute answer to a problem. Also, ‘inspiration’ can seem like a bit of a free ride or something that cheats the creative or design processes, something that’s not earned, your ‘dream’ does all the work whilst you sleep. 

‘Go get inspired!’

For me it’s just not as simple as that - I get to where I need to be by plain old, unromantic, hard work, pure and simple. I will work at something for many, many hours to get to an idea, a concept that I feel will work, whether it be a certain typographic combination, CSS animation, logo design, color palette, user experience or whatever - and to be honest I feel a lot better for it, especially if this hard work gets recognized. It’s way more satisfying, knowing those hundreds of hours of sweat, swearing and coffee got me and the client an awesome result (and see, you weren't losing your mind, Justin).

But Hey, just to be clear - I have absolutely no problem with inspiration, or being inspired, I’m just yet to experience it. 

Maybe I'll eat more cheese before I go to bed.

Rant over. Cheers.