From time to time a client querying whether I'm right for the job will ask me whether I have had experience working within their industry, sometimes I can sense the slight disappointment when I have to say no… So I thought I’d write a little about this to hopefully help potential clients understand why I feel this question is a little off target.

I believe the correct question to ask (to gauge whether I am the right man for the job or not), goes more like this…

“This is what my new website needs to do, can you make this happen?”

Meaning the industry itself is really irrelevant, the end result is what matters.

That's not to say that I do not need to understand a specific industry of course I do, and as part of my research and development, this is where I gather data for a (your) particular space including the demographics, competitors, target markets, visual design, tone of voice and so on. This, in turn, will teach me about an industry - it's really part of the package. 

What's more, discovering a new industry is really inspiring.

But the point is, an experienced designer should not need any foreknowledge of any specific industry, space, sector etc to be able to deliver an amazing website experience.

In my case, I can call on over 20 years ‘real world’ experience gained from working with hundreds of client’s, all with a wide range of needs and specifications. This taught me to quickly assess for a particular industry what's needed, what will work, what look is needed, what applications are required and how to execute them.

So whilst it is important to get an understanding of a particular industry, it's not so much whether I have worked in that industry before, but 'what it is the website needs to do and whether I can deliver on this', is the real question. Websites and the technology that powers them is a vast constantly evolving beast (Flash anyone?), there's just too many applications, languages, disciplines, platforms to learn and master in one lifetime.

Having said that, It's actually quite rare that a project comes along that I can not do because over the years of I have gained an amazing cast of fellow programmers, developers, and engineers that I 100% trust and can call on, or bring into a project at any time.

Fresh perspective

Another advantage of bringing in someone with little to no experience within a certain industry is the ‘fresh perspective’ you will gain on a project. It's much easier to think ‘outside the box’ when researching and designing a new website. Which can ultimately lead to in a much a better designed and original product.

A quick snapshot

Heres a list of websites I produced within industries I have never worked with before - several went on to be nominated for design awards.

  • Political Campaign Websites (Ileana Ros-Lehtinen - South Florida)
  • Barbers Website (Myles and Lyle - Aventura)
  • Wedding Website (Chris Bosh, Miami Heat)
  • Fast food websites (WingMania, Homestead and Quail Roost)
  • Flower & foliage suppliers website (Exotic Botanicals, Redlands)
  • Architecture company - (Arch, Miami)

And many more websites I have designed for Miami and South Florida can be viewed here. No matter the industry give us a call - A fresh perspective can really help a website stand out from the crowd.

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