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The eCommerce space has become a real option for anyone who wants to make money online. Here's some powerful tools you can use to help you get up and running. 15 tips for beginners to power users...

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In today’s tech-centric world, eCommerce business has become a real option for anyone who wants to make money online. More and more businesses are shifting to an online store because of the increasing number of online users. A recent statistic has shown that there are over two billion global online users and a vast majority of them purchase items online…

eCommerce sales are growing every day. A recent study by Statista revealed that global eCommerce sales in 2016 amounted to 1.9 trillion U.S dollars and the number will grow to over 4.06 trillion U.S dollars by 2020.  

Despite how easy it is to launch eCommerce business, building and managing it can be extremely difficult even for the professional online marketers. The secret to building a thriving eCommerce brand lies using the best tools. The most successful retailers know the benefits of building an online store with the right eCommerce tools.

Easthall Design presents a hotlist of 15 awesome tools. Each with links to their website, social pages (so you can easily strike up a conversion with them) and if they have one – a demo video showcasing their product.

The list will give your business a huge head start by helping you build and/or manage your online store, while providing useful insights that store owners can implement to improve their brand visibility and sales.

1. Magento


Magento is an advanced eCommerce solution that can help users to build and customize a web store. Many leading eCommerce stores around the world are built with this tool. Magento provides users with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as full control over the look and functionality of their web shop.

The tool is integrated with several themes and plugins that can improve customer’s experience. It has a highly flexible content management system that helps users to sell anything on the web. Magento can be downloaded and installed without paying for the license.

Magento key features include multiple payment gateways, enhanced security, mobile-friendly, robust framework, marketing modules, stock management, wish lists, multi store functions, and much more.

2. Bigcommerce


Bigcommerce is a leading cloud-based eCommerce platform that enables retailers to easily set up a fully functional online store. It has a complete eCommerce tools that will help you to build and manage any online business. Bigcommerce incorporates loads of features and reliable hosting to increase the performance of your business.

The things which make Bigcommerce a great choice shopping cart are its responsive themes and excellent support. It supports all the major payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout,, PayLeap, 2Checkout, etc.

Bigcommerce increases the chances of your sales by allowing you to sell products on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and on other online marketplaces. Bigcommerce support many shipping companies including FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, UPS, and much more.

3. Shopgate    


In today’s market, a strong mobile presence is important for every eCommerce business. Multiple studies have shown that an average online user spends most of their web time on the mobile device as opposed to their desktop.

The study revealed how significant it is for eCommerce store owners to focus more attention to mobile shoppers. However, Shopgate has made it possible for marketers to provide their customers with wonderful shopping experience on mobile phones.

Shopgate is an excellent mobile commerce platform that can help you to build mobile websites and apps which are in tune with your existing store. The best part is that Shopgate is compatible with all the leading eCommerce platforms.

4. Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark will help you to create good looking product videos. The tool has a simple user interface that will enable you to create a professional presentation. In this modern age, a majority of online shoppers prefer to watch product videos before making a final buying decision. Multiple studies have shown that 64 to 85 percent of online shoppers are more likely to buy after viewing a product video.

You can use Adobe Spark to create engaging product videos that will attract customers and increase sales. Adobe Spark comes with a step-by-step tutorial to guide you in making product videos. You’ll gain access to a lot of great themes, fonts, photos, and background music.

5. GetResponse


GetResponse is the top email marketing solution enables you to create professional looking emails for your customers. The tool comes with a lot of features and tools to ensure you succeed in email marketing campaign.

It has an email creator that helps you to create responsive emails which display perfectly on any desktop or mobile device. It integrates smart automation function so you can quickly convert leads to loyal customers.

GetResponse has over 500 attractive email templates you can use to boost your marketing efforts.

6.  Zooz


Zooz is a payment platform that provides business owners a comprehensive solution for all their payment needs. These days, offering multiple payment methods is crucial for business growth. You can lose potential customers to your competitor’s when you don’t allow different methods of payment.

Zooz will help you to integrate multiple payment methods that cater for the needs of your customers. The tool can as well help protect your customer’s data and prevent fraud associated with payment processing. Zooz is designed to optimize your checkout process and increase sales.

7. ReferralCandy


This is a referral marketing program you can use to grow your business and increase product sales. ReferralCandy allows you to reward customers when they refer people to your store. It has a whole suite of tools that will increase your website traffic.

You can allow each of your referred customers to enjoy a discount on their next purchase while the advocate also receives a gift card or discounts on their purchase. Setting up incentives for your loyal customers to invite people to visit and purchase your products can help increase your customer base.

8. Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsFaceBookTwitter

Google analytics is a powerful marketing tool that gives you details on how people find and use your store. The tool is a must have for every website.

Google Analytics will help you discover the marketing campaigns that bring you the most traffic and sales. You’ll be able to see how long shoppers spend on your products pages. Many marketers are using it to improve their web store, conversion rate, and user experience.

9. Google Adwords

Google AdwordsFaceBookTwitter

Google Adwords can help promote your brand and increase sales to your website. It’s a popular pay-per-click advertising platform many marketers are using to reach potential customers on relevant websites around the world.

The tool has an analytic feature that lets you see how many people view your ads and the percentage click on it. It has tracking tools that show you the exact sales generated through your ads.

10. Canva


This is a graphic design software you can use to create beautiful designs for your store. It has a collection of high-quality design templates to ensure all your graphic works come out great.

You can use it to design your logos, brochures, photo collages, business cards, presentations, infographics, posters, flyers, book covers and much more. Use the tool to beautify your product images, add text, borders, frames and more. Canva has over one million stock photos you can use to attract potential customers to your store.

11. SumoMe


This is a lead generation tool that will help grow your business. SumoMe is designed to help users attract massive traffic to their website. Many leading online businesses are using it to grow their email list.  

SumoMe has a list builder you can use to create attractive pop-ups to display on your site. You can use the Smart Bar to alert online shoppers on your offers. The tool is easy to use and requires no coding skills.

12. Lead Chat  


Use Lead Chat to offer customers a wonderful user experience on your store. Lead chat is a customer support solution you can use to give excellent sales help and easily answer inquiries.

The tool will help improve the way you approach and interact with your customers. A recent study has shown that excellent customer support helps increase conversion rates. Give your customers more reasons to buy from you and they will keep coming back for more.

13. PowerReviews


PowerReviews helps you to generate and syndicate sound reviews on your web store. The tool is designed to deliver reviews that will convert your website visitors into repeat customers. By syndicating ratings and reviews, you can attract more customers and more sales.

Customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Potential customers are more likely to buy from you after reading reviews on your site. You can use PowerReview to build quality reviews that will motivate consumers to buy from you.

14. BananaSplash


Use this mobile lead generation tool to turn your mobile visitors into loyal customers. Whether you want to increase mobile leads or generate more sales, BananaSplash will help you achieve great results. You can also use the tool to launch AB tests, optimize the web store, optimize content, gain insights about business performance and much more.

15. Idomoo


This is a personalized video marketing platform you can use to create products videos to x improve customer engagement. Idomoo will help you to improve conversion, sales, and customer retention.

It has a cloud-based video engine you can use to create high personalized cinema videos. The product videos you can create with this tool will attract shopper’s attention and motivate them to buy from you. Idomoo has a multi-channel distribution that enables you to engage and interact with customers via email campaigns, and social feeds.

Use these awesome eCommerce tools to build and maintain a profitable web store. They’re loaded with everything you’ll need to improve the performance of your store.

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