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Your Website is a 24-7 Salesperson!

The internet is now of course, one of the best ways to successfully advertise your business. Before I moved into website development, I was working as a graphic designer and mostly in print. Looking back over the work, time, teams & budgets involved…

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wedding website logo - Wedding website for Adrienne and Chris Bosh

A Special Wedding in Miami

When designing Chris Bosh’s wedding website I had to sign an NDA, now the NDA is done, (keeping wedding photos private), I wanted to write a little about the design process and for the first time ever, demo the website!

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Print: The Death Of A Media

Right now, as print media is in its death throes, there is a lot of denial. There is also a lot of anger and depression, but that largely emanates from the owners and shareholders of print publications, including …

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