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girls looking at social media via their phones

Embrace Social Media!

It’s easy to forget that social networks have only been in existence for the last ten years or so. Their relative infancy means that we have yet to tap into their full potential, particularly in the workplace…

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website design Miami citations tips and help

Online Citations. What are the Benefits?

A citation is a mention of your business name and address around the web. Common examples of citations occur on directory sites like Yelp, but they also include local blogs, news sites, and official business organizations – what are the benefits?

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Re-designing House Music

A few years back a project came our way to design a set of House music albums for CD (covers, inlays, discs etc). Anyone who knows us (specifically me Justin!) knows this is my dream job – I’ve been collecting house music for over 30 years, (also Detroit Techno, and a sprinkling of old skool Hip-Hop).

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