More than just Words. Infographics Rock!

Illustration of infographics
There's no doubt about the power of content marketing to drive traffic and leads. But there's more to this strategy than words alone...

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A good content campaign spans a range of formats to press as many conversion buttons as possible, and infographics are an essential part of the mix.

Here are six reasons why...

#1 Instant Impact 

Humans evolved to process images quickly and instinctively, so infographics have a far greater impact than plain text. This leads to quicker and deeper understanding of the content, as well as better retention. If you want your message to hit home and stick, infographics provide the power.

info graphics for blogs and websites

#2 Easier Visibility 

This natural sensitivity to images also means an infographic will stand out in a busy social media feed. A striking image filled with bold colors will be picked up by the casual viewer much more easily than even the cleverest piece of copywriting.

info graphics samples

#3 Makes Complex Information Accessible 

The immediacy of images makes infographics an intuitive way to present complex information. Graphs are more easily understood than tables of figures, making data straightforwardly accessible. This also helps beat the information overload effect, where the constant media bombardment of facts and figures feels overwhelming.

info graphics for blogs

#4 Sharpens Message Focus 

Paring a complex marketing message down to an infographic increases its focus, as unnecessary information is removed. This can give conversions a healthy boost, but it also has a useful secondary effect. Working on an infographic can sharpen the message clarity in the marketer’s mind too, leading to tighter, more effective content creation across other channels.

info graphics for websites

#5 Social Engagement 

Studies have repeatedly shown that images drive social media engagement around three times more efficiently than text. This translates into more likes, shares, and followers for your message.

info graphics for better engagment

#6 Better Branding 

Lastly, the emotional impact of images means infographics are powerful tools for brand building. Your logo and design style become an integral part of the content, and will be subconsciously associated with the message. A powerful infographic that hits home will fix your brand in the viewer’s mind.

info graphics great for social media

But infographics aren’t a guaranteed home run that can be thrown together in minutes. Their popularity means the standard of competition is high, and it’ll take a combination of excellent design and strong content to gain traction. However, get it right and a successful infographic strategy is a hugely valuable addition to your marketing toolkit.

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