Social Media as a Marketing Tool… Really?

Social Media as a marketing tool?
So, do you really need a social marketing strategy for success in the modern market? Let's discuss...

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Let’s face it; digital marketing has transformed the business world and the way that brands express their message. Consequently, then, building a successful online presence is considered the Holy Grail by marketers from around the globe. With so many potential elements to consider, focusing on the most productive aspects is a crucial step for every entrepreneur to consider. Understanding whether you need a designated social media strategy sits at the very top of the agenda.

So, do you need a social marketing strategy for success in the modern market? And, if so, how can you master this element of the digital arena? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is quite simply the use of social media platforms to promote the products and services that your business provides. Alternatively, it can be used to build brand awareness without explicitly attempting to sell anything in particular.

The concept of social media marketing includes many different elements ranging from engaging content to meaningful interactions with clients while businesses can use several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Social media marketing incorporates paid and free elements. It’s ultimate goal is to generate awareness, web traffic, and increased conversions for optimal revenue. Brands have been using it ever since the early social media platforms like MySpace and Bebo existed, but has grown at an exponential rate over the last decade or so. 

Thousands of companies now consider social media marketing to be a central feature of their overall strategies, while 73% believe their efforts are effective. Popularity doesn’t always translate to efficiency, though, which is why you need to scrutinize the marketing scheme before introducing it.

Do You Really Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

In a word: yes. But you probably want a more comprehensive answer than that. 

Social media marketing can work wonders for a company’s overall presence, reaching new audience and strengthening the bond with existing clients. Here are eight great reasons why social media marketing should play a central role in your digital DNA.

#1. The Social Media Audience Is Huge

Statistics show that around 5.07 billion people are active on at least one social media platform while the majority use several social media sites on a daily basis. This is a far larger audience than PPC and other ad campaigns, online or otherwise, could ever offer.

Even when you factor in the limit in geographic limitations or other parameters such as type of service, the fact you can reach over 70% of the online audience ensures that social media is a great solution.

#2. Social Media Influences People

The fact that people use social media is one thing, but the fact that it is considered the most influential factor on the decision-making process truly sets it apart. Over 1 in 3 people cite social media as the number one feature while many more consider it to be a second or third-place.

This essentially means that any interactions over social media have a strong chance of generating leads. It is unsurprising given that people browsing social media are usually in leisure mode or business mode, both of which are times where purchases are made.

#3. Social Media Is Free

Every marketing decision ultimately relates back to money. After all, there’s little point in setting up a marketing campaign that generates an extra $50,000 in sales if it costs $60,000 to run the ads. Social media platforms are free to use, which instantly makes them perfect.

Better still, the fact that plenty of individuals have established careers on the back of social media marketing shows that even companies with small budgets can challenge the big guns. If your content resonates with the target market, big results will show. 

#4. Social Media Is, Well, Social

The social aspects of Facebook et al. encourage users to share content that will appeal to friends and family. As such, social media users (whether they are customers or not) become advocates that actively refer people to your business. That’s essentially free promotion.

Crucially, 7 in 10 social media users state that a positive interaction with a brand via social media will increase their likelihood of buying from them. Even when focused on brand awareness rather than product promotion, the results can be huge.

#5. Social Media Marketing Encourages Familiarity

It is suggested that consumers need to interact with a business at least seven times before completing a purchase. A strong social media presence can ensure that they constantly see your brand name, which keeps your company and its products fresh in their minds.

The benefits can be taken to a whole new level by using multiple social media channels. When the ads and products appear across several platforms, the chances of piquing their interest are greatly increased. Use CTAs such as joining a newsletter, and conversion rates will soar.

#6. Social Media Is Flexible

Traditional marketing streams (online and offline) can continue to support your business, but they are a little restrictive. Social media gives you a chance to showcase your brand personality and build winning relationships over time. Unlike TV, radio, and magazines, the content stream is endless.

Influencer marketing is growing at a rapid rate, which is just one example of how the authentic approach is preferred by consumers. There is a far greater sense of engagement and honesty, which helps buyers make their decisions with confidence.

#7. Social Media Offers Target Marketing

There’s nothing worse than spending time and money on campaigns that reach the wrong people. Your products and services cannot appeal to everyone, which is another reason to choose social media marketing. Targeting your content to the right people is easier than ever.

Paid content and sponsored posts can have their reach limited to specific demographics based on age, gender, location, hobbies, job status, and a host of other features. Organic content can still reach other audiences, but that hasn’t cost a cent.

#8. Social Media Is Hard To Master

It’s easy to use social media platforms, but very few companies master it. In fact, 80% believe that they are performing well while only 8% of consumer are impressed. So, if you find the recipe for success, there’s no doubt that it will bring truly stunning outcomes.

Once you have established your place as one of the best social brands of your industry, a host of opportunities will come your way, including the opportunity to earn an active income from your social activities. It’ll also support success in other marketing areas.

So, How Can Social Media Bring Big Rewards?

As mentioned, social media is a tough thing to master. There are a number of factors to consider. Some of the most pertinent questions include;

  • Is content aimed at the right demographic?
  • Are campaigns reaching the right demographic?
  • Are images and visual elements built to grab the attention?
  • Does the content ultimately feed into lead generation?
  • Are paid campaigns cost-effective?
  • Is the brand’s integrity intact?
  • Are adverts and posts published at the right times?
  • Are you appearing on the right social media channels?
  • Do the campaigns work alongside other endeavors?
  • Is a clear growth strategy in place?

Ultimately, then, social media requires a lot of hard work and expertise. Moreover, social media is still in its infancy meaning the goalposts move all the time. Nonetheless, given the impacts that it can bring for brand awareness and sales conversions, you cannot ignore social media marketing any longer.

Having a team of experts behind you is the most practical solution by far, and Easthall Design can help. To find out more, give us a call to discuss your social media needs today.

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