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Adobe Muse and Catalyst are closing down women looking shocked at her laptop
WOW! Adobe’s Business Catalyst & Muse Environments Are Shutting Down. (but don’t worry, we’ve got you!)

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When Adobe made the announcement (a couple of weeks ago), that they were closing their doors on Bc and Mu – we were shocked, it was out of nowhere, a huge WTF moment, and although they have given two years (March 2020) to figure out what the hell you are going to do, that’s not a lot of time esp for the bigger businesses and agencies out there with possibly hundreds of websites embedded within the Bc & Mu environments.

Adobe stated they will delete ALL websites and data from their Bc cloud service on March 26th, 2020, believe us, this isn’t something you want to put off until the last minute.

You will be able to use Muse past March 2020, but with no support or updates. Sites on the Mu cloud service will be live until March 26, 2021. Thanks, Adobe!

UPDATE (APRIL 12th 2018) – Adobe has announced a 1 year extension to the Bc service.

The official announcements from Adobe
Business Catalyst announcement
Muse announcement

We’re the Business Catalyst & Muse Alternatives For South Florida! | 379. 4041

If you are worried this could hurt your business, then we’ve got you, we can make the transition from old to new for you, stress-free.

Easthall Design prefers using best in class applications and software for its online marketing and website builders (or Content Management Systems). We can recommend the very best solutions possible for each tool needed for your business, set by your requirements, budget, skillsets and more. Using separate eco-systems for each application is the best (and safest way) to go (case in point, of course).

You may have built a lead generation website in Muse that you now have to move to another Content Management System or website builder, we can help you choose the best CMS to match your demands, and build the new website in it for you (keeping the same design or new).

Or perhaps you have a large database of clients and email campaigns that will now need exporting out of Bc into a new 3rd party CRM or marketing platform, we can help find the best fit and export your data into the new – we will even build out your HTML emails if required. We have the experience and tools to make this as easy and as stress-free as possible for you.

– We also offer training

A Positive Experience?

Turn a negative into a positive – why not take the opportunity to take a good look at your current website and online marketing – do you see anything that can be improved upon? Let us run a deep SWOT analysis and discover new and exciting opportunities to boost your online presence even further. | 786. 379. 4041

Some thoughts on Adobe’s decision

Of course, we have no idea what is really going on over at Adobe Towers, but from what I have researched, read and from my own personal experiences working with these applications – I think I can take a pretty good guess.

But wait, why not sell them on? I read that many 3rd parties had offered to purchase Bc and Mu but apparently these are so embedded into the Adobe’s code infrastructure that it’s just not possible.

What is Business Catalyst?

A hosted all-in-one solution for building and managing business websites and online marketing. A one-stop solution.

Possible reasons why it failed:

  1. Huge and over complex backend = support nightmare
  2. More modern and free applications out there
  3. Having all your eggs in one basket might sound like a good idea – but if the service closes you will then need to find new solutions for almost every part of your online marketing…. ermmm….

What is Muse?

Aimed at the professional designer this was a code-free website builder, but with the added ‘Adobe’ touch – if you could use Adobe’s PhotoShop, InDesign or Illustrator for example (and most pro designers do) then you can build a website.

Possible reasons why it failed:

  1. It spat out bloated code
  2. Designing large/responsive websites was a total mare
  3. Slow uptake on industry trends (latest scripts/plugins/apps/widgets etc)

The above probably had a lot to do with their decision. But at the end of the day – we think it really just came down to the numbers, surprise! Basically Adobe’s $7 billion profit a year business simply dropped a $30 million business.

If you have been caught up in Adobe’s rather strange business decisions – then please do reach-out. We can save you time, money and a whole load of stress.

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