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It occurred to me the other day that I really haven’t talked about what makes Easthall Design (ED) different from all the other local web design companies out there. So, without further ado here are some of our Unique Selling Points…

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Okay a quick ‘about me’ EasthallDesign is owned and run by Justin Easthall (me) – A British graphic design graduate turned website designer. I have worked in the creative design industry for over 20 years, originally working in print; magazines, advertisements, newspapers, flyers, basically marketing collateral, then came the digital revolution and I jumped ship. I designed my first website back in 1999 using Adobe’s GoLive (now there’s a blast from the past!). I then went on to watch the dot-com bubble grow and pop right in front of me (in fact all over me but that’s another story). It was such an exciting time – both in terms of visual design and new design technology. I was quick to move over from print to digital.

In 2010 I immigrated to the USA and set up ED a boutique, creative website design company that aims to design high-quality custom websites & Marketing for Florida and beyond.

Okay great, but Easthall Design’s USPs are…?

Number one; As the principal designer, it’s my experience, over the last 20 years I have seen a lot, built a lot of websites, been nominated for design awards, seen a lot of trends come and go, been creative lead on blue-chip projects but most importantly learned a lot. We have the experience and confidence to deliver.

So, great looking, engaging website’s that work – but at an affordable price? Which brings me to our next USP.

Number two; ED is not a huge multidisciplinary design agency with big overheads and fat hourly rates, but we have worked for huge multidisciplinary design agencies with fat hourly rates. So with insights into their inner workings, we know how these powerhouses work and get results. We take this knowledge and pass it on to all our projects – of course without the associated fees!

Design agency quality work – at a much, much lower fee.

Easthall Design is a Miami based website design & marketing company

Number three; With the modern web and communications you may think that having a company working on your project on the other side of the world wouldn’t make much of a difference – well in our experience it sooo does. Being in the same timezone is, of course, always a big plus but more than that – being able to meet the person you are going to work with for weeks possibly months is also a great way to establish a tangible, trustful, working relationship. Our clients know we have their backs – being local we always answer calls and or emails in a timely manner. This is considered invaluable to our clients and we do too

Always available.

Number four; Our final USP I’d like to talk about here is sharing –  We love to talk both here and with our clients. Our clients love the fact they can reach out to us to discuss their next big idea or addition to their website. We’re always happy to take a call or to meet. 

We can’t possibly know everything, but we’re more than happy to share what we do.

Contact Easthall Design today to discuss your next project!

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