Social Media: Image is Everything

Social Media: Image is Everything
In the twenty-first century, running a business successfully means having a strong web presence. This presence includes a functional and interactive website, a blog with regular updates, and active accounts on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a plethora of others.

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Social media accounts are easy to manage in theory and can easily become some of the best free sources of traffic you’ll encounter. Unfortunately, many marketers and business owners are easily daunted when their posts get lost in the sea of updates their potential clients scan daily.

If you’re not getting noticed online, you could be losing out on some of your biggest profits (especially in the e-commerce space) & link juice opportunities. Actually, you might struggle to earn anything at all. But we have good news, any business can make its posts more noticeable, likable, and viral simply by getting clever with – images.

Image posts pop out to casual readers. People like colors and are drawn to illustrations, and links that have images attached almost always attract more visitors than pure text. Images grab attention: it’s that simple.

Let’s say you don’t want to leave it at that. A few extra clicks are always a good thing, but what if you want to blast your site to the top of the Google rankings or quadruple your mailing list? If you have a measurable and distinct goal for what you want to do for your business, it’s easy to create a plan and find the best images to work towards it.

First, be unique. There are many image creators online and many ways to add your own text to images. At ED we too create our own, (we also offer this service to our clients). Add your headlines and include the name of your business, or create a colorful graphic detailing your services and values. As people like and share their favorite images online, you’ll get more views and rank higher. 

Power-Tip: Def worth checking out is Adobe’s Spark service (free to pro) to create high-end, consistent posts for all the main social media platforms. The ideal sizes are already created, via templates, add your branding, colors, logo once (this is stored and added to all your posts automatically). Simply add the message – choose an image – download and post. Very powerful.

Second, watch the trends. If a certain meme (an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads) or image is especially popular, replicate it for your own site. You’ll communicate to your customers that you’re still with the times and that you get them. 

Below is an example – we created this meme for an e-store’s ‘we’re opening soon’ FaceBook ad campaign.

and finally, always include a link to your site. If you put your link on the bottom of your images (as a watermark works well), potential clients will always know where to find you and how to look you up. If the image goes viral – you can be sure your business website link will always remain visible – even if the original post gets lost (ie someone may ‘borrow’ your image).

Try to include an image with every one of your posts. Remember to experiment and have fun as well. 

These days, even those of us who aren’t graphic designers can still make a bold statement with the right background and colors. Images with regular, frequent updates are sure to solidify your business’s online platform while giving you views, subscribers, and new clients. Don’t let social media become a hassle–use it to express yourself and your brand, and get the word out!

Beat the competition and get professional. We can run your social media accounts for you with regular posts, original artwork, ad creation, publishing, graphic design and analytics. Contact us today: 786. 379. 4041

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