How to Get the Best Out of Instagram Marketing

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Instagram marketing is not all about posting a random picture and hoping that users will perform your desired action! Let's learn some awesome Instagram marketing power-tips!

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Instagram is well-known for its high user engagement.

Because of its simple interface where people can simply like or comment on a photo or video, it has been one of the often used social media platforms to build a business following. However, it is important to note that Instagram marketing is not all about posting a random picture and hoping that users will perform your desired action. It is also about understanding how Instagram really works.

There are several benefits of adding Instagram as one of your business’ main social media platforms:

  1. Help increase user engagement: it is proven by research that brands who advertise on Instagram gain 10 times more user engagement than that of Facebook
  2. Integration and cross-posting: Instagram is owned by Facebook, and thus, your posts on both social media platforms can be integrated to save more time
  3. Reaching a newer target audience: research has also shown that Instagram caters to the younger generation. This means that if your market includes teens and young adults, you can make use of Instagram to get a hold of the millennial audiences.

What are the Best Instagram Marketing Practices to Date?

If you are considering to take your business’ Instagram branding seriously, take a look at these five tips to maximize your reach.

1. Make your photos and videos stand out – (An obvious one but often ignored), one of the most common mistakes that new Instagram users do is adding low-quality and sub-par videos and pictures. Instagram was originally created as a photo-sharing social media platform in its initial stages, and this is the cornerstone that will help you gain more followers. If you have visually stunning photos, it is more likely that people will be engaged in your content. You can either make use of free Instagram editing tools such as VSCO or Canva. Hiring a photographer or a brand manager may also be helpful to help you create consistently high-quality media in your profile.

You can also browse the Instagram website to see the highly used hashtags which you can add to your photos and videos.

2. Always include the popular hashtags – Unless you have a celebrity-status profile, you may be needing hashtags more than you think. Hashtags are a way for people outside your network to find your videos and photos. You will notice that a lot of influencers use a combination of hashtags to gain likes, comments, and leads for their business. There are companies that offer Instagram analytics such as SocialBakers (paid with a free demo), or Squarelovin (free), to help you have an edge in your Instagram campaign (worth noting; Instagram has its own service too). You can also browse their website to see the highly used hashtags which you can add to your photos and videos.

3. Install Instagram for business – It is interesting to note that Instagram also reinvented its social media platform for businesses. When you go to your Settings page, you can see that you can transform your profile into a business account. This unlocks several features such as a contact button, use of call-to-action links in your profile, and analytics tools to help you see which posts create more engagement. Compared to a personal profile, an Instagram business profile will let users access your links faster and easier through your homepage.

4. Invite engagement from present followers – Social media is exciting because it can be a two-way communication between you and your followers. To invite engagement within your posts, you can ask followers to tag somebody, comment, like, or click a link in your profile. This can help attract more prospects to your business and increase your website traffic. Additionally, if you don’t own a website, you can also make your business grow through just having an Instagram profile. Ask users about what they want to see and reply to their comments. UPDATE: Try running an Instagram Contest!

5. Be consistent, but not annoying – Another rookie mistake that Instagram users make is posting relentlessly. Nothing drives a follower away that a profile that keeps on posting at least every 30 minutes. You need to schedule intermittent posts consistently, but not too often to avoid pestering your followers. Make sure that each post either provides value, gives entertainment, and attracts your users to a specific business goal you have.

Your Instagram marketing success does not solely depend on your decision to do it, it also depends on how well you implement these strategies. Be consistent in following these tips, and you are sure to see a positive result in your social media campaign. 

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